Influencers team up with Kia Stinger for epic road trip

Archie Hamilton, Seb Delanney and Queen B have just returned from a Monaco to London Road trip where they put Kia's new Stinger GT through it's paces. Featuring daily instagram posts and a YouTube video their content captured the excitement surrounding Kia's new sports grand tourer.

Crofty at Mexican GP as Hamilton wins 4th World Title!

David was in Mexico to see Lewis Hamilton win and officially become the most successful British racing driver in history. A collision between title rival Sebastian Vettel and Hamilton on the opening lap made it a challenging race but Lewis came home to secure enough points to clich the title. The teams now head to Brasil. For more info about David visit

Mr JWW joins GQ!

Following on from Mr JWW's phenomenally popular YouTube channel he's now become a motoring columnist for GQ. To see James's column visit:

Shmee150 goes on "Fuel Faction Due" with Trading 212

Shmee150 has just embarked on an epic Fuel Faction Due tour with Trading 212. Featuring a stunning array of supercars the tour visited some of the greatest roads in Italy before travelling across Sardinia. To see videos from the tour visit:

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