Verity Geere

Verity Geere has 10 years experience as a broadcast journalist and can currently be heard reading the news and co-hosting the Neil Fox Breakfast Show on London’s Magic 105.4. As an intrinsic part of the breakfast show, Verity is able to balance her broadcast journalist duties delivering the news, along with engaging and entertaining 2 million listeners with her presenting skills.

She has worked for various commercial radio stations as well as the BBC, ITN and more recently Sky News. Now, she delivers bespoke bulletins for Magic 105.4 and is also responsible for showbiz news for Sky News Radio. She has a wealth of experience covering film, TV, theatre and music news, interviewing the top soap stars, and high profile celebrities like Dame Judy Dench and Michael Buble.

Verity has an energetic, assured and versatile voice and can be heard on Sky News Active delivering bulletins on demand and on the Sky News ‘Everywhere’ advertising campaign. She also has an extensive voiceover showreel including DEC charity appeals, light-hearted children’s ads and corporate voiceovers. She has also provided ‘traditional English’ voiceovers for Australian radio stations.

Although more prominently known for her voice, recently Verity’s face has been spread across central London as part of an advertising campaign with Neil Fox for Magic 105.4. The role has also seen her compere on stage, including an outdoor concert for Magic in front of 20,000 people, introducing acts including the Lighthouse Family and Sir Elton John.

Verity is now breaking into TV and regularly appears on This Morning to discuss the issues of the day in the Paper Review.

More information about Verity and the Magic Breakfast Show can be found here